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Monday, June 8, 2009

16 Things about Naomi

1. Her language skills have exploded so much that I have stopped counting the words she says. She even has a few phrases that she uses these days.

2. When she is having a hard time communicating verbally, her non-verbal skills take over. And she's really good about letting you know her mind.

3. She LOVES animals and animals noises. Naomi is even getting the hang of giving commands to Izzie.

4. Playing on her own is the newest play development this past month. She will frequently go off somewhere and get out some toys and play. I've found her playing cars by herself. I've found her putting a stuffed rabbit to bed. She wrapped it in a little rug and was patting it while saying, "Night night."

5. Naomi (and G for that matter) outgrew all of her shoes this past week. Yesterday she wore pink flip-flops (which were also too small, but at least went on her feet). So, she's at least in a size 7 right now.

6. As she gets more independent, she gets more strong willed. (This is something we are working through.)

7. Never have I seen a girl more attached to her daddy. She is ALL DADDY'S GIRL.

8. Gideon and Naomi, for the most part play really well together.

9. That being said, Naomi has started to become the typical second child and wants to play with whatever G is playing with RIGHT THEN. And if he poses any resistance, she melts into a sobbing heap of tears. My language may sound melodramatic, but it's nothing compared to the drama of my youngest child (which only occasionally gets overshadowed by my oldest).

10. She climbs on EV-ER-Y-THING!

11. Whenever we get Naomi out at the parking lot at church, she starts saying, "no" and crying. She knows she's headed for Bible class. However, lately she's been doing better about staying in there once she gets calmed down.

12. I'm trying not to repeat what I said last month...
Oh, N LOVES to brush her teeth. Whenever the bathroom door is left open, she's up on her stool to brush her "eeth". And if I remind her that she just did, then she switches to wanting her ears cleaned or her hair brushed.

13. Naomi cut/is cutting 4 molars since last month. The ones on the top are through and I think the ones on the bottom have cut through... but she doesn't let me look much. So my glimpses have been what I can see while she's covering her gums with a toothbrush.

14. She will bring us a diaper if she wants to be changed and say, "diaper".

15. If any beverage is left lying around, Naomi will take it and run. (usually spilling it as she runs)

16. Naomi is still obsessed with shoes. She likes to pick out shoes for me to wear and bring them to me in matched sets while I'm getting ready. Her favorites for me to wear, apparently, are my red ballet flats with a ribbon bow. (I like them too.)

Well... that's our girl at 16 months. She's amazing and we love her.

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Nicole said...

I can't believe she's already 16 months old! It seems like just yesterday that you were pregnant with her! She seems like an amazing kid!