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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out for a Jog

On May 2, (a Saturday) JR got up before the kids to go for a run. This is rare in and of itself, but what transpired over the next few minutes became a "first."

Gideon woke up hearing JR moving around getting ready. And Gideon INSISTED that he would go to work with JR. So it was explained to Gideon that "Daddy was going for a run, not to work."

Excitedly, Gideon told us he was getting his flip-flops and was going with Daddy. Well, JR tried to talk him out of it and I explained that he couldn't go on a run in just his underwear.

After convincing JR that he was not going to be left behind, JR put him in shorts and shoes (non-flip-floppy variety) and they headed out for a stretch before their first father-son run.I, of course, got my camera.
They headed out for a lap around our block. The distance is almost exactly 1/2 a mile.
Gideon ran the ENTIRE way. The guys passed Kristen (which is a detail Gideon never fails to mention when you ask him about the run).
JR and I are so proud of the way Gideon is becoming such a big kid! After that first 1/2 mile, JR dropped him back off for a potty break and breakfast while he continued his run.

I'm sure this was just the first of many runs the fellas will go out on over the next several years.


Deborah said...

This is so cute! I cannot believe he kept running for half a mile!

Joshua loves to ride his bike when Pat goes running. There is something so special about Daddies and their boys doing things together.

Tiffany said...

That is adorable! I'm so glad you got photos. And do my eyes deceive me, or is Gideon out ahead of JR in that first shot? ;) I hope both your boys had a nice run.