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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Naomi's 15 Monthabirthday

15 Things about my baby:

1.) Here's a list of her words (over 50). Some are recognizable. Most are understandable in context and in conjunction with her non-verbal cues.

Momma, Dada, Gideon (eeh-uh), Grandma (MAH-ma), Izzie, Elaina, Gigi, Papa, Hannah, Anna, Hudson, Dog, ruff, elephant sound, meow, monkey noise, baa, moo, duck, quack, all done, up up, down down, juice, more, raisian, banana, thank you, hot, biscut, cheers, ice, eyes, nose, mouth, knee, toe, Bible, gentle, shoes, baby, no, stop, uh-oh, bye-bye, hello, George, diaper, Big Bird, Elmo, tick-tock, blanket, car, truck, off, on, boo-boo, mwah, ball, clap clap, "I-did-it"

2.) She is great with non-verbal communication. She points and signs. It really makes her quite understandable.

3.) SHE HAS A FAKE SMILE!!! Gideon did this around the same age. But since N broke my camera when I was trying to capture it, I don't have a picture to post of it currently. Kristen took a couple of cute pictures of it as did Debby. So when I get those, I'll update and place it here.

UPDATE: I took this of N on Debby's camera (Sunday, May 3). It's not her biggest Fake Smile, but it's pretty cute anyway.

4.) Favorite things to play with:

a) cars/trains

b) dress up

c) Gideon

5.) Favorite solitary past-times

a) reading

b) playing with shoes

c) climbing

d) climbing UP slides

6.) She is eating more and more like a "big kid". She uses plates and sometimes she uses utensils.

7.) Naomi sleeps well in her big girl bed. We put her down shortly after 8 and she usually sleeps for 12 hrs. (Sometimes Gideon wakes up the whole house as soon as he sees light.) However, she is trying to give up her one remaining nap already. I'm not willing to let this happen. But her one nap has been running about 1 hr. lately. Shouldn't she be sleeping longer!?!

8.) She continues to be a good listener. Sometimes you can see her struggle to obey. But in the end, she does.

9.) For the most part, she is really easy-going. However, when she gets frustrated, she gets violent. She is inconsolable and starts destroying everything around her. The first time JR saw this, he said, "Oh, no! She's got my temper!" (It's true.) :)

10.) The other day Naomi helped me unload the dishwasher. She would hold up a dish as if to ask me where it went, I'd tell her, and she put it away. It was actually helpful. She did a good job of following directions.

11.) We ate at Chick-fil-A with the Mosiers the other day and Naomi had a blast playing on the playground. She climbed as far as her slippery shoes would allow her to, up the slide. I had to crawl in and get her.

12.) She is wearing 24mon./2T clothing and when I took her to the dr. the other day (for raspy breathing) she weighed 28 lbs. 6 oz. In a few weeks I'll get her official 15 mon. stats.

13.) Naomi LOVES being outside. If a door opens and she sees the outdoors, she bolts over to make her way out. And if the door is closed and she's kept in, well... let's just say that I'm pretty sure the whole block knows she is upset about it. :)

14.) I LOVE the way that Naomi greets JR when he comes home from work. She squeals his name and runs to him with her arms up. When she gets to him she says, "up up" and when in his arms, calms down and pats JR's chest and says, "Dada." (as if to let me know that he is hers)

15.) The only thing that still has me stumped for now, is how Naomi reacts when we take her to church. She still HATES the nursery. If I stay in there with her she is normal. But even if Debby (who is one of her favorite people) stays with her, she is weird and moody and cranky. If anyone has advice on how to work through this stage, bring it on. I'm all ears. (or eyes, since I'd probably be reading your advice)

That's our little 15 month old. We love her to bits and pieces.

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