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Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball's Opening Day

This is celebrated like a holiday in our home: JR leaves work early, pictures are taken, we have decorations (well, at least wardrobe-wise), and this year we even added baseball and baseball player cakes.

Last year the kids looked like this:

This year:

Their cousins in Germany celebrate this "holiday" too.

Thanks to Janay for making the shirts again. And thanks to Debby for getting them for all the kids.

Oh, and "GO ORIOLES!"


Janay said...

Oh, man, they are SO CUTE! :) How am I going to pick one from all those good shots to put on my blog?!?

I love how last year's shirts made it into the day, too. Very clever!

April said...

You really do have cute kids, Daisha! I love the expression on Naomi's face when she realized the shirts match...too funny! And, Gideon's "senior pose" is adorable, too. :)