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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Week

So this week started out with me getting things ready for a consignment sale that is HUGE here in Tally. (www.theoneweekboutique.com)

Then, on the way back into the neighborhood one day I noticed that the community garage sale was going to be this weekend. So, I started gearing up for that.

Wed., while I was babysitting Hudson, a lady drove by and saw the "For Rent" sign that is now covering the "For Sale" sign in the front yard. (Reminder: We are renting the house from the Yecke's who have said that we could go ahead a try to sell or rent it and get out earlier so that we can save more money by moving in with Debby. That way we can start saving EVERYTHING in preparation for "the schooling years".)

So the lady comes in to look at the house. Wed., while I babysit, I also do laundry... so the house was in full work mode. But she really liked it and wanted to bring by her roommate later.

Friday I set everything up for the sale the next day and Saturday I got up wicked early.

The garage sale went well and during it the lady came by with her roommate.

After the sale, a couple came by and wanted to see the house to BUY it. So, they loved it and are already in negotiations. And I've had 2 more calls about the house, one to rent and one to buy.

Here's the big kicker: the people who are in negotiations for buying it, may want it April 1!


The Mosier Family said...

Wow!! That's crazy! What a week!

Hannah said...

Wow! April 1 is fast! Can they demand it w/less than a month's notice? Could you get out that quickly? CRAZY! But it's also exciting. :)