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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

13 Months, 13 Things

1. Naomi signs for More. She also nods her head (exaggeratedly) for Yes and No.

2. Naomi's words:
Thank you
Up up
Down Down
All Done
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack

3. Naomi LOVES to play with Gideon. She gladly follows him wherever he goes. One of their favorite games is "Come to My House", where Gideon opens his door and lets Naomi come in his "house". Her face lights up when he invites her in. (so cute!)

4. Naomi's favorite past-time is looking in a mirror. She was looking in (for her) a full-length mirror the other day and was "booty-bumping" me out of the way so only her reflection was shown.

5. As long as there is a mirror somewhere, Naomi will let you try clothes on her in stores. (More outfits than I'm willing to try on...)

6. She knows she's a "Pretty Princess". And loves that new nickname.

7. Naomi continues to be a Daddy's girl even when he is home and we are in Searcy. She misses him so much. I have 2 videos of him on my phone and if I can't get her calmed down, I play them for her. She freaks out with smiles and "Dadda!" and squeals. She loves her daddy.

8. She is very good about giving kisses. She closes her mouth and everything!

9. Whenever anyone is eating anything... she MUST have a part of it.

10. She feels that she is just as entitled to marshmallows for dessert as Gideon is. After all, she did finish twice as much food, twice as fast. :)

11. Her blanket is her there to comfort her when she needs it. And she will even walk back to her room and get her blanket. (we try to leave it in her crib most of the time)

12. Unlike Gideon, Naomi is a climber. Which means I have to do a new type of baby-proofing that I didn't have to do with G. Last week I found her on top of a table in G's room, trying to figure out a way back down.

13. Naomi is an adorable mix of independent and snugly. She will play for a long time by herself, but she always comes back for lots of cuddles. We love her SO MUCH!!!

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