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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Engagement Anniversary Number 4!

JR couldn't believe that it's only been 4 years since he asked me to be his wife, when I reminded him this morning while making breakfast. Most times, it seems like we've been together a life-time already. (Not to say we aren't looking forward to the actual life-time we are currently spending together.)

4 years ago I sat on my couch in the midst of my put-it-off-til-the-last-possible-moment pile of laundry in my old black sweat-pants and an oversized tie-dyed t-shirt. My uncontrolled hair grew with every molecule of water that evaporated out of it. And it was like this, that JR asked me to be his one-and-only woman for life.

This image is comforting to me now that I'm a stay-at-home mom who looks like that most days. He CHOSE me like that. He knew what he was getting. :)

But seriously, I cannot imagine life any other way. I thank God that He blessed me with JR (and our children).

2 years ago, I put up some pictures of our Engagement Day. And so as not to repeat myself in the blogosphere, I'll let you link to them if you are curious.

And 2 notes about Gideon:

2 nights ago we had "Brinner" (aka: Breakfast for Dinner). When Gideon had finished his, he said, "Thank you, Momma! Thank you pancakes!" Then he proceeded to clear off the table. He took the syrup and powdered sugar and put them away. He put his plate in the sink and then came and got my plate! JR and I just watched him in stunne silence. (check his age on my lily-pie tracker, people: 2 yrs., 8 mon., 4 weeks)

And he's been having trouble with "monsters" lately. We pray about it. He sings, "God is Bigger Than the Boogie-Man", and he sleeps with a sword. Yes, folks, he sleeps with a sword.

Well, last night at 4 am, Gideon comes into our room weilding his sword and in a scared little voice said, "Daddy, turn light on." (We're talking, the sword was drawn and at the ready. My little warrior was ready to battle the monsters in his room and the hallway so he could get to his daddy. (aren't you melting inside just a little bit?)

And some Naomi notes:
Last night for dinner we were over at the Mosiers. Well, Madison got out her princess dress-up clothes and Naomi got in on the action. She was ADORABLE in her first princess costume. Madison graciously gave it to Naomi as a gift. N strutted around and beamed a huge smile at whoever called her a "Pretty Princess". She is so completely girly.

And her language connection skills are getting better by the day. Naomi waves and says "bye bye" clear as a bell. Then she will blow kisses. And she does this whenever anyone moves toward the door. She's still obsessed with shoes, but was able to hand her matching shoe to her grandma the other day while getting ready. Attempts at saying "diaper" are coming along. And her quacking like a duck in the bathtub cracks me up every time.

Ok, enough about the kids... it's the anniversary of our engagement, not a post about the kids. :)
Oh, and the kids and I will be in Searcy this coming week. So I should be posting pictures again soon.

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Hannah said...

Ahh...I remember that day too. I also remember that I knew that he had the ring and had asked permission of your parents the previous weekend when we made that epic trip down to S'town.

I've always meant to thank him for not asking you on my birthday. I really appreciated that. (Not that he was necessarily planning to ask you on a Thursday, but all the same...thanks JR!) :)