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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Official" Photo Shoot of the Grandkids

December 24:

Since this trip was the first opportunity for all 4 grandchildren to be in one place at the same time, we decided to make sure that we got some nice pictures. However, Berlin doesn't have the local JCPenney photo places to make life easy. So we opted to do it ourselves.

Debby got the kids beautiful coordinating outfits that they all looked great in. We dressed them up and headed to a mall that Kelli heard was decorated beautifully.

And wouldn't you know it? MY kids, the ones that are usually behaving, LOSE IT. I mean, both of them, crying their eyes out, while Rachel SITS STILL AND SMILES. Not only is it weird for my kids to lose it, but it's weird for Rachel to sit still and smile while LOOKING at the camera. Well... it was an ordeal. I'll let the slide-show tell the tale.


Kelli said...

that was actually on christmas eve. and even though there were some breakdowns, we still got some cute kids. :)

Tiffany said...

I have to agree with Kelli -- you all really do have some cute kids. I'm sorry for the breakdown, but the pictures are still cute. And I never would have guessed that those pictures of Rachel and Simon weren't taken in a studio!

Katherine said...

I'm impressed! After trying on 6 different occasions to get a good picture of my two guys, I have a new respect for family pictures where the kids are all looking at the camera and no one is making an awful face, much less smiling!

The picture of Gideon and Simon is precious!!! :)

April said...

That mall is decorated beautifully! I enjoyed the slide show. It really does tell the story! All four kids are cute. Good pics!