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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Naomi's 10th Monthabirthday

Naomi is 10 months old. Here are some high-lights to accompany the video.

-walks across the room unassisted
-plays peek-a-boo
-loves to clap
-loves to take other peoples hands and clap them
-goes anywhere Gideon is
-is LOUD
-gave JR and me a standing ovation for coming back to get her from her Grandma's
-loves to laugh
-makes different sounds when she's trying to get different peoples attention
-favorite toys: phones, remote controls, dolls, Curious George, and anything of Gideon's
-ALWAYS goes after lap-tops
-cannot stand any door being closed near her (refrigerator, bathroom)
-absolutely loves bath time
-a true joy to be around

If you wanna' compare her to Gideon, here's the link.

1 comment:

The Mosier Family said...

Hudson and I just watched Naomi's video and he loved it. He was copying everything she did, talked to her and tried to kiss the computer screen. Very Cute!!