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Friday, November 21, 2008

Holidays are comin', Holidays are comin'...

I LOVE that Coca-Cola commercial. The chant gets stuck in my head and makes me "holiday cheerful."

Today (actually, this evening) we head out on the first of our holiday journeys. We head to Dallas tonight to spend some time with Claudia and Ryan. While there we are going to be able to worship with them in their home and experience what they are doing for the Kingdom in Uptown.

Tuesday we will all caravan to Searcy for Thanksgiving and Stockstill Christmas. And included with the Stockstill Christmas will be the traditional Guys-fix-Breakfast Feast!!!

After that, we'll head back to Tallahasse for a couple weeks before we go to Germany for Christmas with Kelli and her family. We are SUPER excited about this trip. We will be able to introduce Naomi to her Aunt Kelli, "Fun"cle Brent, Rachel, and Simon. And we will get to meet "Baby Simon" (as G calls him.) JR has only ever been to Canada (which doesn't quite count as a foreign country). And Kelli suggested that since JR and I haven't gotten to travel much just the two of us, that we should take a side-trip while she and Debby watch our kids!!! So we are going to spend a weekend in...


I haven't been to Scotland since December 2002. We've been talking with the Strachans. I've shown JR my photos... I can hardly contain my excitement about this little side-trip. But it's not all going to be sight-seeing. We are in the beginning stages of exploring what God's calling on JR might look like for our lives, and we are looking at Scotland. So, we are praying that God shows us what He wants us to see while we are there.

I have my bulletin board "calendared out" for the rest of the year. I can't believe that 2008 is almost over. We've got so much great stuff planned for the rest of the year that it will just fly by.

I WILL be posting during the week. G turns 2.5 on Thanksgiving Day, so there will be a picture post of him then. And I'm sure we'll be getting some great pictures. (I can't believe that I haven't put a pic up with Naomi's 2 teeth yet!)

So... "Holidays are comin', Holidays are comin'..." (he he he)


Nicole McIntyre said...

I am so jealous! One of these days Nathan and I will get back!

KG said...

Wow Daisha, you guys are going to have a fabulous holiday season! My brother in law and his wife just got back from Scotland, they were missionaries in Glasgow...I'll send you their info in an email. I'm sure they'd love to talk to you if you're interested.
Happy Thanksgiving!
kristen graham

Nate, Maurine, Hannah, and Monroe said...

Lucky! : ) Sounds like an awesome time! Mo

April said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!! Take a ton of pictures and we'll all look forward to seeing several upcoming blog posts! :)

Oh, and tell your parents and Claudia hello from me!

Jill said...

You guys are in BIG trouble for coming to Dallas and not giving us a call!! Happy holidays to y'all!