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Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh, the Holidays are Beginning!!!!

As promised, here are the pictures.

Pumpkin Patch Slide-show

Notes about our costumes:
Gideon decided 3 mon. ago that he wanted to be Curious George, and Jr to be "the Man in the Yellow Hat". "Man Hat" (what Gideon calls him) costumes were $45 plus shipping and handling. NO way. So I made JR's. Gideon's came in a size 6-12 mon. instead of the 3T I ordered. And when I found the red glitter shoes in Naomi's size, I knew that I'd make her a "Dorothy" outfit. And since I was spending so much time on everyone else, I went easy with me and I'm going to be a fairy. All of our costumes combined cost right around $45. I...ROCK!

Preparing for Halloween Slide-show


Anne said...

wow, the progression pics of rasin are amazing!

Tiffany said...

YAY!!! What great pictures and excellent casting!

Katherine said...

Love the costumes (and the pictures -- the one of Naomi in the wings is gorgeous!) :)

How frustrating that Gideon's came in the wrong size!

Michael and Hannah said...

Wow, I've missed a lot on your blog... Naomi has gotten so big! Love the costumes. You are so artistic and talented!