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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gideon's 29th Monthabirthday

Since I don't have internet access during the day, I have become pretty lax on posting the fun day-to-day stuff that goes on here. I'm afraid that I've missed a lot of Gideon's fun speech development. And I am PAINFULLY aware that Naomi's life has not been chronicled to the degree that G's was. (I apologize, my beautiful second-born.)

This post is about Gideon.

Favorite Sayings (his):
"I geet it!"
"achoh malt" (chocolate milk)
"I wanna deet it mysef."

Favorite Sayings (mine):
"OH, O.K."
"Me Jusious (Curious George), Daddy Man-hat (Man in the Yellow Hat)"
"My piddow" (pillow)

Recent conversation:
Gideon: (walking into the room with JR) I... am... Gideon.
JR: I... am... Daddy.
Gideon: (pause) I am Daddy.
JR: (laughing) No, I am Daddy, you are Gideon.
Gideon: Oh, O.K.

Gideon's Favorite Past-times:
-singing the alphabet
-counting to 15
-helping me cook (he LOVES cracking eggs)
-taking care of Naomi
-making up songs
-playing outside
-running to greet Daddy when he comes home from work
-going to church
-giving his money to God

Little Tid-bits:
He's wearing size 3T (already... for the length).
He still loves to cuddle.
He's very obedient (most of the time).
Gideon has never stopped being a joy. We are very lucky to have him and him being 2 has not diminished that. :)

(on a side-note... Naomi cut her first tooth, finally, today)


Tiffany said...

Happy almost-half-birthday, Big Guy! I miss getting to hang out with you and having otu heart-to-hearts about the things that really matter: Curious George, Tater, and that big plastic car.

I'm excited to hear about how much you're growing and I can't wait to see you next month!

P.S. -- Please tell your little sister that I am super proud of her for sprouting a new tooth.

emily said...

yay for that tooth, baby girl!! i KNEW it had to be soon when i saw those bulging gums on saturday!!! daisha, i am posting pictures of our fun day soon... it sure was great to see you!