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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slide showS (yes... I meant to capitalize the "s")

So I'm dividing up the pictures from September (so far) into 3 slide shows. That way, you can either watch all 3, or the ones that interest you.

What's been happening:

JR's Birthday party:

Pictures of our house (minus G's room cuz I think I've already posted those):



Kelli said...

nice pics! and the house looks great. :)

April said...

I love the house...you have always had a nack for decorating. I remember your bedroom decorated with roses and clear lights; it was beautiful! Remind me...are you renting or did you buy? Love it. The kids are cuties, too. :)

Anne said...

awww those were fun slideshows! thanks for sharing.

So now that you have a house, I assume you have better internet connectivity and might post more, no?

Deborah said...

Your home is beautiful. I wish you could come give me some tips!!