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Monday, September 8, 2008


There was a tense-ness settling in over the Sheets' home early Friday evening. Lawn work and Gideon hadn't been as great of a combo for JR as sleeping Naomi and running errands with me had been.

JR and I were tersely arranging the rest of our evening when Naomi took a break from crawling (rare, I might add), looked right at JR and said, "Dada!"

She'd never even made any syllable before, and now, she correctly identifies her father. We all broke into thunderous praise of her, which prompted her to show off her new skills as much as she possibly could.

Not to be out-done, Gideon chimed in.

The tense atmosphere melted away into laughter.

What a great family moment.

(I'm now actively coaching her on "Momma!".)

1 comment:

Nicole McIntyre said...

That's so sweet! I'm sure JR was beaming from ear to ear!