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Monday, August 4, 2008

300th Post!!!

Well... my posting has been lacking due to our computer/internet situation at the house. However, JR and I are in discussion about how to remedy it.

This is indeed my 300th post. It will be jam-packed full of the random things that have happened this past week.

We are Christmas-ing in Germany this winter, so we needed passports for the kids, and I needed to get mine renewed (and up-dated with my married name). We opted for me to take the kid's pictures instead of going somewhere else. The rules are that the mouth is to be closed and the eyes are to be opened. I literally took about 50 pictures of Naomi before snapping this shot.
The picture of Gideon was a little easier. To keep him from smiling, I had him hum. :)

After Naomi's 6 monthabirthday shots, we headed (with Debby) to Alligator Point. This was Naomi's first time at a beach and she loved it. The water was pretty nasty, so we didn't stay long. Just long enough to get a few good pictures. The other day Gideon turned to me and said, "G, Momma! Me!" And this is what he'd done on his magna doodle...

He's also started spelling his name. Most of the time it comes out with a few extra "E's", but it's really cute. And he sings the alphabet song all the time now with about 60% accuracy.

But I guess the big story from this week is this:

The kids and I had gone to the backyard to blow bubbles. We'd been out there for MAYBE 5 min. before Gideon managed to spill the entire bottle (that I'd just opened) all over himself and the patio. So I pick up Naomi and the blanket we've been sitting on to run her inside and put her in her crib. I tell Gideon to stay where he is so he doesn't drip bubble goo all over the floors. On my way back out I grab a damp towel to clean G off. Once I get that done, I send him inside so I can hose off the goo from our patio.

Well... for some reason I seem to be a klutz when it comes to water hoses and managed to get pretty soaked just turning the hose on in the first place. But the real kicker is that when I turned to go back inside, I found the door locked.

Gideon locked the door knob and the dead-bolt. So I started knocking. Gideon came and thought it was a game until I couldn't open the door when he asked me to help him. For the next 10 min. I talked him through turning the lock on the door knob, calming himself down, (switching doors), calming himself down, getting a stool, calming himself down (are you getting the picture here, cuz I forgot to mention that I was in not-to-be-seen-in-public p.j.'s, Naomi was crying, and I had moved to the front door)...

Finally I got back inside and Gideon looked relieved to have me back where I could "hep". :)

And for more randomness in this long post... Naomi had her 6 mon. check-up today. Here are her stats:

Head: 43.7 cm (85%) Anyone know why the head is the only thing measured in cm?
Height: 27 1/4" (95%)
Weight: 19 bls. 12 oz.

And just to close, here's a picture that JR took of our beautiful girl.


Kelli said...

lots to cover: those pictures are great! i'm glad you are getting your passports in order... that means it's close for you to come visit. i'm so glad you were able to get Gideon to open the door for you... that is one of my biggest worries anytime i leave the house and Rachel is inside. and G is Rachel's favorite (maybe only) letter to draw.

miss you! i've already bugged JR about you needing to get internet SOON! :)

Anne said...

that black and white of Raisin and JR should be blown up and framed!

Kim Hodges said...

Love, love the pics! Humming--what a great idea!