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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slide-show Post

Here's a slide-show post about our vacation in Searcy.

We left early because we missed Gideon. When we got to Searcy and saw him, it seemed like he'd aged by years instead of just 4 days. And during a daddy/Gideon wrestle match, I tried pulling him off and getting in on the action and G turned around to me and said, "No, Momma, I'm with Daddy." (as clear as a bell)

His speech exponentially grows. And he has also pooped on the toilet 9 days in a row now. We have officially started the potty training process (yesterday). Yesterday was great and today has been frustrating. Including finding G cleaning up after himself with his hat in my closet this morning. (I need more patience.) :)

Naomi is amazing. She is pushing up on all 4's and rocking (already). And you will never meet a happier, more laid-back baby.

Enjoy the slide-show.


Kim Hodges said...

What a great close up you got of my kids! I have a real cute one of them looking at you! So fun to see you and spend time together!

April said...

Alright. I love the picture of you with Naomi, Daisha! You are both beautiful!!! Naomi's seems quite expressive! BTW, Have I ever told you that my brother was accidentally dropped during a similar game as "Up Down?" Just thought I'd mention that. ;) It does look like they're having fun, though! :)