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Monday, May 26, 2008

Recap of May

I don't think I've gone this long without posting since I was trying to keep the news about being pregnant with Gideon a secret. But this month has been busy.

It started off with the surprise trip to Searcy (which I mentioned in my last post). We had a great time there and my parent's enjoyed showing off the kids.

We came back and the kids decided that sleep was something that they were no longer interested in. :( And we all got sick. (even JR, who never gets sick)

This month we have had two garage sales. Well, we really had one, and then put all the stuff that didn't sell the first weekend out again the next weekend. And we did pretty well considering the fact that we just wanted to get rid of the stuff we'd been storing in our small apt. for the past 2 years. (We're gearing up for our move into a house at the end of June!!!)

Let's see...

Gideon's new things:
1. He is ALL about reading the Bible these days. We have two that he just adores. In fact, yesterday we were trying to all take a nap. Everyone was in bed (or so we thought). JR and I heard a rustling sound from the living room. JR went to investigate. Gideon was sitting on the couch, reading his NIrV, looked up at JR and said, "Bible!" (Can you get on to a kid for getting out of bed to read his Bible?)
2. He is ALL about praying for people. He will clasp his hands in prayer, bow his head, and call out the name of the person he wants to pray for. It's adorable. And if you are one of the people he knows... and you inexplicable starting having a better day sometime within the past month (or your pet did), you can be pretty sure that G was praying for you.
3. Gideon is a great big brother. He shares his favorite cars with Naomi and shows her how to use them.
4. And he turns 2 tomorrow.

Naomi's new things:
1. Every day she gets better at sitting up on her own.
2. She is reaching for people.
3. She is reaching for and grasping the toys that G hands her.
4. Naomi has even fed herself parts of her bottle before she gets tired/lazy and has us hold it.
5. She is in 6-9 month clothing. (can you believe it?)

My Weight-loss journey:
So I've come to realize that the commitment to lose weight is just like any other commitment. Whether you are committing to Christ, a spouse, or a healthier life-style, the decision has to be made daily. And I haven't been committed to weight-loss the past 2 weeks or longer. However, I am still at the same weight, which I guess is a blessing. I'd be really discouraged if I had gained back all the weight I'd already lost.
And once again I'm re-committing myself to recording my calories (which seems to be really important for me to actually lose the weight) and to go on walks every evening that I can.
Thanks for keeping up with my journey and encouraging me.

New Projects on the horizon:
I've begun working on a new idea for a creative outlet that will hopefully bring in some income in the future. I have one picture in the slide-show of the commissioned work that was requested for a new baby girl. I'll write more about this later.

On tap for this week:
Gearing up for G's b-day party.
G's birthday TOMORROW (can't believe my baby is 2)
JR umps and plays some Texas Hold'em
(and as I'm typing this post, G is bringing his favorite Bible to N and she's trying to open it)

(here's a slide-show... my dad is sending me more pics from their visit, so I'll get those up here when I get them)


Janay said...

I can't get over how smiley your kids are... :)
The commissioned artwork is beautiful! I'd love to see one in person.

Brett, April, Caden & Corban said...

yeah for smiley kids! i'm amazed how your two look alike and they're not even the same gender....super cute! i am also amazed at naomi's sitting ability, corban is just now doing that....but then again he was held the entire time we were in the states leaving no time for practice. ;)

Hannah said...

That commissioned artwork looks amazing!