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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gideon's 23rd Monthabirthday

He's 23 months old. And he hit the "Terrible Twos" this past week. This apartment is not big enough for the two of us, let alone the four of us.

Gideon is yelling and running around (he needs a backyard) and waking Naomi... exploring the ways he can get away with saying "no"(there aren't many ways he gets away with)... and whining when things don't go according to HIS plan. (Lord, I didn't pray for patience. Why are you trying me?)

I can't believe it's almost his second birthday. He's going to be 30 before I'm ready for it.



Shelley said...

They grow up soo fast, don't they. I was just telling someone that I think time is going by faster now that I have 2. Lawson is growing up so fast and I want to cherish everyday.

About the "terrible twos"...I think Easton entered them around 1 1/2 and went through many different stages of them. He is some better now at almost 3, but it seems like once we past one stage, we encounter something else to deal with. I guess it is all a learning process - for him and me!! : )

Kelli said...

i'm the one who prayed for patience for you... ooops. ;)

you're doing great though! i'm glad we can go through all of this together, even if we are so many miles apart. :)

Tiffany said...

But he's so cute when he says no and makes his fussy face...says the woman with no children so that they still seem like a novelty and are nice because she can give them back when they start to cry.