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Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 Years ago today...

JR and I met for the first time four years ago today.

I'd been friends with Kelli for almost a year, and finally her brother and mother came up to spend Easter Sunday.

The first thing I noticed was the birthmark on the back of his neck. I was sitting a few pews behind him. The second thing I noticed was how protective his arm around his mother seemed.

We were introduced in the driveway of Kelli's in-law's house. Hannah and I were both willing to make him feel welcome, but with a shyness that I have not seen since the summer of 2004, JR rebuffed our offers of friendship. And later that day, he rebuffed my offer of his favorite kind of cake.

But, after leaving, he asked Kelli for my e-mail address. And while the e-mailing in the spring of 2004 didn't really lead anywhere, it did lay the foundation (and provide us with contact information) for the fall of 2004.

Apparently God had some more things to teach us before we were ready to "find each other."

We have fit a lot of big life-changes in our short time together, but we wouldn't have wanted to go through any of this with anyone else.

Happy Meeting Anniversary!


Kelli said...

isn't it weird how things happen? if hannah and i hadn't become friends, then you and i wouldn't have met, and you and JR (probably) wouldn't have met, and sweet Gideon and Naomi wouldn't be brightening up the screen with their big smiles. :) i'm honored to be a part of your story! happy meeting anniversary!

Tiffany said...

"I noticed was how protective his arm around his mother seemed."