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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Naomi Stats

Naomi and I just got back from her One Month Check-up. Here are her stats:

Height: 22.5 in. (92%) (although I think the measurement is about a little big)
Weight: 11 lbs. 2 oz. (96%)
Head: 37.2 cm. (55%) (man! do they tighten that tape measure!!!)

The dr. walked in and was impressed with her alertness. He actually told me that he could tell that she smiles at people already. (and not the smiles that are actually gas) He's right. She is pretty smiley. And when she was being examined, he commented on her "pleasant" expression. I was so amazed that he used that word. I've said before that is the word I would use to describe her expressions... and that's what her name means!!!

But the cool, show-offy part is that when the dr. was checking her vision, he noticed that when she "tracks" something, she is already crossing the mid-line. (ahead of schedule) :)

We will be trying soy formula for her since she may be having "intestinal issues" due to the cow's milk formula.

But, it looks like our girl is good to go.

OH, and I'm hesitant to type this for fear of jinxing myself... but I will just type it as a new trend in Naomi's schedule...
She has started going to sleep around Gideon's bed-time and then sleeping for 7 hours! The other night I even did the "is she dead" check. Let's pray this continues.


Carris Family said...

Yeah!! I can't believe Naomi is already a month old...crazy!! She sounds like she is doing amazing (you too!!). I hope your restful nights continue! Molly

Anne said...

the new banner picture is adorable!

Tiffany said...


Shelley said...

Good for you on the sleeping thing. I should have tried this tummy thing a long time ago. Easton was sleeping through the night by 5 or 6 weeks - Lawson has just been a completely different baby. It's good to get some rest, huh?