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Monday, February 18, 2008

Naomi's First Church Service

Here is what we dressed Naomi in for her first church service. She was so well behaved.

The elders called the family down front so they could pray over us and give Naomi her very own Bible. She was awake during this part of the service. During the singing she was mesmerized. And then when the sermon started, she promptly fell asleep. :)

After church Naomi, Debby, and I hit the mall before we went to the Landes's baby shower. Since the affair was more casual, N decided that jeans were the way to go. :) (ok, so I admit that I'm having fun playing dress-up with my baby)

And here's some Gideon cuteness. He put on his own bike helmet.

Now it's on right...

And for the Gideon portion of the post: Yesterday during communion, JR was holding Gideon. He was so good the entire time. And then the "fruit of the vine" was passed. JR and I were both drinking, and G grabbed 2 cups and threw them back like shots of "something harder". Juice went EVERYWHERE! (all over G, JR, the seat, JR's open Bible...)

Here is where I proclaim the wonders of Oxyclean... The juice dried on the shirt for the rest of the day since I was away from home until we put the kids to bed. I put Oxyclean on the purple, dried mess that was formerly one of G's coolest dress shirts. This morning I put it in the wash... and it is CLEAN!!! Hurah for Oxyclean. :)

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April said...

Naomi is just a little doll (and smiling already?!) in that first picture all dressed for church. And, Gideon with the juice, how hysterical! Fun times.

Kim Hodges said...

Beautiful in her little dress! I intend to buy Oxyclean on my grocery run tomorrow.

Kelli said...

i live and die by Oxyclean... i used it all the time when Rachel was an infant (it worked wonders on her "spillovers") and was so happy when i recently discovered it at the commissary here! yay for Oxyclean! :)

Nicole McIntyre said...

I love her dress! And Gideon's helmet!

We love Oxyclean. I was given the tip(of course after most of the "stained" infant days were over) to keep a bucket of water and oxyclean in your laundry room for stuff like that and just let it soak. I throw in some detergent for kicks and giggles. That combo hasn't failed me yet and it's great because it takes little to know effort.

Tiffany said...

Naomi looks so beautiful in her first Sunday dress! And she was amazingly weel-behaved -- I'm so impressed! I just really wish I had turned around to see Gideon taking shots during communion.

Michael and Hannah said...

OxyClean and Julie Clark are my best friends.

Naomi looks like a little princess in her dress!

Michael and Hannah said...

OxyClean and Julie Clark are my best friends.

Naomi looks like a little princess in her dress!