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Friday, January 4, 2008

34 weeks 5 days (check-up report)

Gideon and I went in for my apt. early this morning. (early for us... I don't think I'll schedule any more 9 am apts.)

I'm measuring at 37 weeks (thanks, Nao). Gideon did great at the apt. People in the lobby asked me how I got him to be so well behaved. I said he came that way... but I think I should've mentioned that fact that we are strict disciplinarians. :)

I finally got to see MY doctor again. He is a little concerned about my blood-pressure (even though it's down from last week when I stopped by for a quick check). So, I'll be monitoring it.

I like my dr. so much better than any of the others I've visited with in the practice. :)

Quick story about Gideon:
He has had a stuffy nose and cough for a couple of days now, so he hasn't been sleeping really well. This morning he woke up miserable a little before 5 am. I went in, gave him some medicine, changed his diaper, and he begged for hot milk. He was crying and pitiful. So we cuddled on the couch while he drank his milk. Then he burrowed in for a good chest-to-chest cuddle. Now... since my tummy is getting so big, we haven't cuddled like this in a long time.

Well, Naomi started kicking Gideon and he started singing. At first they were syllables that I didn't recognized as words he says, and then he started singing Naomi's name. He added in "Momma", "Daddy", "puppy", "Nana" (which is what he calls Debby even though we always call her "Grandma").

I know that in the coming weeks when G is driving me crazy, I'll think of him singing a lullaby about our family to his unborn baby sister. When he's going through his teen years... I'll look back on the wee hours of this morning... when he's walking down the aisle to marry the woman of his dreams... when he leans over to sing to his unborn baby... I'll remember this morning and our cuddle-time.

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Tiffany said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful.