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Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Gideon-bits

Here's a list of random things that Gideon does that are too cute not to post.

1. His new thing is to gather glasses, sippy-cups, and various other dishes he sees out and put them in the sink. SO HELPFUL! He's on his guard to keep our apt. clean.

2. While looking at bikes for JR, G burst out with "Awesome!". He thought every bike was "Awesome!". I'm not even sure that JR or I use that word very often, but G does. (almost with perfect clarity)

3. Gideon knows where his stuff is supposed to go (ie: shoes, toys, books). And when told (and sometimes on his own) he will put things in their place. (again, very helpful)

4. He has started telling me when he needs his diaper changed. He will point to his diaper and say the word. I'm not pushing this towards potty-training, but I am taking it as a positive sign.

5. He will imitate any word we say. His vocabulary grows by the day.

6. Gideon has really been into books lately. He has his favorites, and requests them many times a day.

7. Cars continue to be a main passion for him. He loves to watch the cars from our window and take his Hot Wheels on a parallel course.

8. While we are in the car, he ALWAYS requests the Turtles, "Nobody But You". Sometimes we can take it off repeat, but he usually wants it to play the entire time we are in the car. (Hannah, I know you must be sad that he has moved on from his Josh Groban phase.)

9. He is growing increasingly fond of seeing his friends. He calls Madison and Dexter by name, and he is working on saying Annaliese. (but, you have to admit, Annaliese is a mouthful for a 17 month old) :)

10. Dogs are another focus of Gideon's attention. I know he's going to have a blast this coming week with (not only my parents coming) but Tazzie and Tori will be here.

He is truly becoming his own person. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want. But he is usually pretty polite about voicing these things.

We love hanging out with him.


Hannah said...

Well...he is a little boy. It's probably for the best that he's moved on from JG. As long as he retains an appreciation, I shall be satisfied.

Michael and Hannah said...

That last ultrasound pic you posted was amazing! None of my ultrasound pics were ever that clear. So sweet that she's looking right at you.