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Monday, August 27, 2007

15 Monthabirthday

1. New words that Gideon says:
Momma (yeah, finally!!!)
my turn
"Hey, batter, batter..."
and a kissing noise when he kisses over the phone
(a grand total of over 30 words)

2. To avoid frustration, I am trying to get Gideon to ask for help. When he does, at this point, he makes a little attention-getting squeak and then waves his hand (usually his right).

3. Last Sunday morning I was surprised to discover that instead of waking up with a t-shirt and a diaper on, Gideon just had his t-shirt on. He was all smiles. You could tell he was proud of himself. So, now he sleeps in shorts as well. :)

4. He has started attempting to eat with a fork. He's pretty good at spearing pasta. And when it doesn't work for him, he picks up the food and puts in on the fork. For eating, he prefers his left hand.

5. He LOVES peanut-butter. Gideon had his first PB&J sandwich this week and scarfed it down. (that's my kid)

6. He is an expert kiss-blower now. He even makes the noise with the kiss.

7. For the most part his sleep schedule is as follows:
wake-up: 9:30-9:45 am
nap: 12:30-2:30 pm
bed-time: 8:00 pm
(Yes, he sleeps for almost 14 hrs. straight. And while I enjoy sleeping in, I have realized that since G insists on eating lunch promptly after the Gilmore Girls theme ends, that doesn't leave me any time in the mornings to run errands or to be a part of the play-group at our church. So, I have come to the painful conclusion that I'm going to have to start getting myself up earlier, and waking G before his usual 9:45. bummer)

8. Whenever he gets out a song book (at church or at home) he sits down, opens it up, and starts to "sing" while waving his arm. I find this particularly weird since the song-leaders at church don't lead from books, and JR and I don't sit around conducting imaginary congregations at home.

9. He LOVES to help out around the house. Trash is one of his big things. If there is a piece of trash, he MUST be the one to throw it away. He is still into closing doors. But his new thing is helping unload the dishwasher. He starts with the silverware and hands them to me one at a time. Then he tries to help with the bigger things. (the only problem is that he wants to unload the dishwasher even when I'm loading it)

10. He will do WHATEVER JR is doing. If JR is giving me a back-rub... G pats my back. If JR gives me a kiss, G looks at me like, "oh, it's time to kiss mom". Gideon even watched JR sweep Debby's back porch on Saturday. A few minutes later, we look around and G has the broom (inside) and is trying to sweep too. G is also great at imitating how JR holds a bat (except JR showed Gideon to hold it right-handed, and G holds it like a lefty). G even says, "Hey batter, batter" since Brian Mosier taught him.

11. He consistently uses thank you now. Unprompted (for the most part). And yesterday in church, when he would drop something and someone would hand it to him, full-voice, he would thank them. And when I'd hand him a snack... full-voiced thank-yous followed. (I'm glad he's polite, but now we need to teach him volume control.) :)

12. One of his favorite games right now is to pull pillows off the couch or settee and "smoosh" them. He will run and head-dive at them. He loves it.

13. There is a chair that used to belong to JR's grandmother that we have at our house. It is just G's size, and he loves to crawl up in it and sit like he owns the world.

14. If I don't put in the frozen waffles he has been having for breakfast BEFORE I go in to get him up, he bends over and cries until they are toasted. So, I have learned to put them in the toaster on my way to his room. That way, all he sees are toasty waffles and we avoid the trauma of seeing them and not getting to eat them.

15. Debby got G a Leap Frog toy for the fridge. It's great. It teaches him phonics, fine motor skills, and keeps him busy when I'm in the kitchen. The other day he brought the toy into the living room and was playing with the "S" magnet. The toy plays a song while singing "S says sss, S says sss, every letter makes a sound. S says sss." He looked up at me and said "S". Then he played it again and grunted through the tune. (Pre-reading skills already!)

Well, there's 15 things about Gideon. And I'll leave you with this little slide-show of G's new swim-gear. He was hilarious in this thing. (however the pool was not a cool situation... it felt like swimming in a hot tub in a sauna... and this was at 7 pm)


Kelli said...

Gideon is awesome! Rachel has a Leap Frog toy for the fridge too, except hers is the barn and plays animal sounds. She loves it. It sounds like the kids are going to have a blast together... I can't wait! :)

Kim Hodges said...

lol ... We, too, have that fridge toy. As Johnathan was learning the song, he kept singing, "Airy makes a letter sound, F says sssss!" Fantastic.

Brett, April, Caden & baby #2 said...

Caden loves to play with that LeapFrog toy at our friends house. We have the farm animals one and I've even caught out houseworker (who speaks NO engish) attempting to sing along. We have enjoyed our swim "suit" and Caden has finally learned to stay balanced with it...only problem is he thinks he doesn't need us anymore and can go all over the pool. A little scary.