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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Miniature Update

This is the closest I can get to snapping a picture of Gideon's "Fake Smile". He knows he's funny when he makes this face. You can see him enjoying being laughed at.

We had a lovely visit with Katie last week. It was so wonderful having her here. Gideon LOVES to play with "Aunt Katie". She even took him on errands while I cleaned the apartment for Life Group.

JR has started playing with a DOE softball team. I got a cool video of him hitting a triple in the first game, but it's on Katie's camera... so I don't have it. She does.

New'by has been giving me more trouble than Gideon did at this point. But I'm managing.

I'll leave you with two pictures I took tonight as we were heading to church. Gideon was in charge of carrying his own bag.

He was having a hard time getting up with his backpack on.

Doesn't he look grown up? Like he's ready for school. (sniff, sniff)

(and if you're wondering... the flower behind him is part of the mural I painted in our apt.)

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Chris Williams said...

Hate to agree, but he does have that "I'm on my way to kindergarten look". Either that or posing for a back to school ad for backpacks. BTW, love the mural and the posterized style. Have any larger pics of it?

Kay Lynn said...

When did he get so big?!?!? He is certainly precious and I love to read the blog and keep up with you guys. Praying for this newest addition to the Sheets Family! Love the mural, btw!
Kay Lynn

Hannah said...

He is getting so big! I've been told humans tend to do that, though...get older, that is.

Mural (from what can be seen) looks amazing! You should post a pic of the entire thing.

Kim Hodges said...

Another plea to see the entire wall. I would never be brave enough to attempt that!

Jessicca said...

Love the mural--and Gideon of course. Looks like you're raising a very responsible young man.