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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Girl's Weekend "Ou"

This past weekend I left my boys behind me and headed to Atlanta to meet up with these two lovely friends of mine.

Hannah and Katie

On my drive I was finally able to listen to the birthday present that Hannah gave me: "Peter Pan" read by Jim Dale (the guy who reads the "Harry Potter" series on CD). It was fantastic!

When I got to Atlanta, the three of us fell into familiar patterns of conversation and laughter. Our FIRST quote we coined for the weekend was "Girl's Weekend Ou".

You see, Hannah tried to post on her blog from her phone during her journey. But the post didn't work out as intended. Instead of posting her ENTIRE thought, it cut off the "t" from OUT. But I'm pretty sure that "Girl's Weekend Ou: 2007" was WAY better than "Girl's Weekend Out: 2007" would've been. :) (She has re-posted so that the error is no longer on record in anything but our over-active imaginations.)

Somehow Hannah's luggage wasn't put on the plane with her, so we were staying up waiting for it to be delivered to Katie's apt. We were SO tired while we were waiting, and then when it finally got there (at 1 am) we were so awake we stayed up for another hour and a half.

Saturday moring we took it easy. And it was GREAT sleeping in till 10. I called my boys and got a good report, so I briefly felt guilty about NOT feeling guilty... and quickly dismissed it.

For lunch we ate at PieBar. Katie had a gift card and we were all about spending as little money as possible. All we ended up paying was the tip. (awesome!) PieBar is a weird little pizza place. But everything we had was delicious. Hannah and I found the Apple/Bacon pizza intriguing. However, Katie liked the Chicken Parmesean pizza best.

We had tickets to the Josh Groban concert, but it didn't start until eight. So after lunch we headed back to Katie's. And it's a good thing we were already headed there, cuz, true to form, Hannah somehow managed to find the only random bits of melted chocolate in Katie's car and got them on the pants she was wearing.

Anytime we were just sitting around, we made sure we could see (or at least Katie could see) the NCAA tournament. So, we chilled at Katie's and then went to the mall (with a stop to Starbucks on the way... I had a gift card and Hannah had a certificate for a free drink...SCORE!!!)

From the mall we rode the MARTA to the Groban concert. We wanted to get there as the Grobanite dinner was ending. When Hannah took me to my first JG concert for my "bachelorette party" the Grobanites were part of the entertainment.

Imagine if you will a crowd of middle-aged women wearing the face of a 26 year-old curly-haired boy on EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING. Got that in your head? Now imagine that something that has been "be-Grobaned" (a term I am attempting to coin: you can "bedazzle" anything... so if you put JG on anything you are "be-Groban-ing" it) ...and now back to our regularly scheduled sentence... Now imagine that something that has been "be-Grobaned" is left beside you. At least 3 beGrobaned women will freak out about what YOU have made and ask you if it's for sale. (If I'd been smart, I would've come prepared and made some extra cash, but alas, I did not.)

Naturally, we wanted to watch these people for pure mocking delight. We knew it would be "deliciously flawless". :)

However, we didn't get to the venue in time to see them AND get a bit to eat... and being who we are... we ate. Mexican restaurants hit the spot every time.

We missed the first few minutes of the opening act: an African woman. But what we saw we throughly enjoyed. The three of us were dancing to the music and that's when it happend... a middle-aged, beGrobaned woman came down and thanked us for our dancing. (3 Harding girls, I might remind you.) It was awesome.

And then the concert started.
It was really cool. But the best part was when he walked down the aisle during a song and Hannah got to shake his hand.

Now the cog in the wheel of perfection that evening was this: at the last minute Josh decided that he didn't want cameras to be brought in. So we had to check all 3 of our cameras as we entered. Therefore, we have only the pics from Hannah and Katie's cell phones, and NONE from the handshake. (Don't worry, gentle readers, eventhough Hannah has been to 3 JG concerts in 17 days, she HAS indeed washed that hand.)

After we got back to Katie's, for some reason, we decided to watch a movie. We saw "The Holiday". It was lovely. And when it ended at 3:30 am... so did we.

But I'm proud to say that all three of us were up and ready for class the next morning. Katie did forego her first-service habit and we all attended the 2nd service at North Atlanta church of Christ. (It was really nice to be able to devote all of my attention to the service without having to find cherios.)

We ate lunch together at Katie's, and then Hannah and I got in my car and headed back to Tallahassee.

I guess I'll end this post on this note (and my next post will be about Hannah's visit):

I needed this weekend.
I love JR. I love my son. I love that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I love that JR and I have been blessed by God with this move to Tallahassee. But since the past year and a half has moved so fast (wedding, 10 days later pregnancy, Gideon, moving) I don't feel like I've gotten to know this "new Daisha" that I am. I know the Daisha that hangs out with Katie and Hannah. Being her again was like slipping back into a favorite pair of jeans that you haven't been able to wear for a while. This new Daisha: the wife and mom...the floridian... I don't have her figured out yet. She's not comfortable yet. She's not worn-in (in the good way).

But I'm working on it. And I'm looking to God. And he showed me this Psalm yesterday to give me a goal.

Psalm 131
(I've memorized it, which should explain the lack of punctuation.)

O Lord, my heart is not lifted up
my eyes are not raised too high
I do not occupy myself with things to great and too marvelous for me
But... I have calmed and quieted my soul
like a weaned child with its mother
like a weaned child is my soul within me
Oh, Israel, hope in the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore.

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Hannah said...

Actually, my purse found the chocolate. My khakis then found my purse, at which point I found the chocolate. Thank goodness Katie had a spare pair of pants! ;)

I had so much fun this past week! Thanks for your hospitality. I'm hoping to post my side of the story Saturday as I await the changing of the oil in my car.

Kim Hodges said...

I took me about three married years before I had the "Mrs. Hodges" person just about figured out. I didn't even have to try to include "Mommy" in that! Blessings on your never-ending journey of self-discovery. It really is a blessing that we're always changing ... but sometimes it's hard to keep up!

Anne said...

i'm glad to hear you all had fun. i also hear that Hannah got body checked before she was able to shake Mr. Groban's hand. i'd like to think that is true, b/c way to say "neener neener neener" if she did.

Jill said...

sounds like a great weekend!! i can't believe hannah got to shake jg's hand! i look forward to reading more about your time with hannah soon.

Katie said...

The weekend was also a renewing time for me. I am so glad you guys came and I enjoyed being around my "real" friends again. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love Ya!