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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Getting to know Gideon

There were things that I knew about Gideon before he was born. For example... I knew he was big and strong. He loved to move... CONSTANTLY. He liked to stretch out his legs to their full extent and let me play with his feet. I knew that he loved his daddy's voice. He loved to be massaged. And he was a night-owl.

Now that he has been out of my womb and in my arms, I have learned even more about my quirky, wonderful little boy.

Per my request, he is an extremely cuddly kid. In fact, the few times he has cried, he has simply wanted to be held.

He is an introvert. When we are out and surrounded by people, he keeps his eyes shut. Then as soon as we get home and it's just the three of us, his eyes pop open and he is interested in everything going on.

He has a sense of humor already. He has smiled since day one. And not those, oh-it's-really-just-gas-smiles, but situationally appropriate smiles. And when he makes his funny faces that make me laugh, he breakes out into a huge grin.

Once asleep, he cn be put in any position and be surrounded by any noise level. (like JR screaming at the Orioles)

Gideon loves the games we play with him. JR flies him around like a rocket.

Every day he looks more and more like his daddy.

I can't wait to learn more about him!!

--a proud new mama... Daisha


micheal said...

You have a beautiful young man! Wow!

Many prayers and blessings for the 3 of you!

Micheal and Sandy

katherine said...

Wow. Look at those eyes! I'm so impressed you got a picture of them so early! I think Nelson was a couple of weeks old before we got a good picture of him with his eyes open.

Gideon is such a cutie! Can't wait to see him again!

and Daisha -- you look great! :)

Katie J. said...

He is way cute! I can't wait to see him in person! Love you!

RPorche said...

Great picture!