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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Check-up Up-date (and other hyphenated words)

Well, today I had my "34" week check-up. (I put that in quotes, cuz I count this week being 35 weeks.)

Unlike usual, my blood-pressure was high. And I'm retaining a little more water than they'd like. Both of these symptoms are signs of pre-eclampsia. But I have no protein in my urine, so I'm not really in danger right now.

Gideon seems to be right on track. His head is "in position" and he's putting pressure on "the gates" (so to speak).

But Dr. Hodges is having me come in next Tues. to have my blood-pressure taken again. If it continues to rise, they will start talking about inducing labor at week 37 (according to the dr.) which is 3 weeks away. And I'm all for Gideon coming early.

So I guess, in re-cap: Everything is fine. But we're watching my blood-pressure and I'm supposed to drink water like a fish.



Tiffany said...

Definitely keep us posted on your progress and health. In the meantime, you will continue to be in our thougts and prayers.

Anne said...

drink water like ANNE!

drink more water = retain less water

Micheal said...

I have no advice for you although I have had a pregnant belly* since college so you would think I could be of some help in that department (*darn midnight pizza). I'm glad all is well and that Gideon is on track. Many prayers and blessings are going out from Alabama to you and JR.

Micheal and Sandy

Katherine said...

Hang in there Daisha -- glad to hear that everything is still progressing well. We'll be praying that your blood pressure stays at a safe level, and as always are praying for a safe & happy entrance for Gideon! :)

Anonymous said...

It is great having another grandchild on the way. Whether it be boy or girl (I know we are "supposed" to know), healthy is most important and I know everyone's prayers will be answered!