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Friday, April 14, 2006

Daisha on being pregant

I was planning on waiting until next week to post, since I have another appointment, but... well... I posting now.

Some interesting things about being 7 months pregnant:
-I am FREEZING my husband to death. He walks around with sweatshirts and blankets, shivering, while I am in a tank-top and skirt.
-Looking back at pre-pregnancy pics where I always sighed at my fuller form makes me realize that having a waist at all is pretty incredible.
-60 some-odd days till I have a baby is NO TIME AT ALL.
-I miss my old (substantially smaller) boobs.
-I've needed to take the polish off of my toes for about a week and a half now, but just can't be bothered spending that much time figuring out how to effectivly reach my feet.
-Having always been short, putting dishes away in the cabinets was always tricky. But now, with the addition of the belly, I stand even farther away from the goal.
-No matter what, whenever I stand anywhere near my kitchen table, I inevitably poke my (now flat) belly button on one of the chairs.
-My new nickname from my loving husband is "Tubs."
-I feel like I've been pregnant forever.
-I want to buy EVERY little baseball onesie I find.
-I've started dreaming about what Gideon will look like.
-I dream about being in labor. (last night I actually thought I had back labor my dream was so intense)
-I haven't had any weird food cravings. (aside from the week during the first trimester where I HAD to have BOILED OCHRA... go figure)
-Feeling Gideon move is (mostly) exciting. However, it becomes a problem when he suddenly kicks my bladder when no restrooms are around.
-"Playing" with Gideon is a highlight in my day. I poke him, he pokes back... until he gets annoyed and kicks my bladder instead.

I guess that's all for now.


dr_worm_md said...


So you are about to have a kid. That is AWESOME!

Gideon, eh? I dig it. Is his nickname going to be "giddy? Or "Gid-Dog"? Or "G-Money"?

How's married life treating ya? It must be wired because you've been pregnant the whole time.

I'll keep an eye on the blog. I'll even link to it. I link to Trey's (Self-Professed) and J-Root's (You Are Dead To This Blog) blogs as well.

Tiffany said...

I've got to ask since these comments are posted one right after the other -- you're using "dream" in two very difference ways, right?

"-I've started dreaming about what Gideon will look like.
-I dream about being in labor."

I mean, you've always been crazy, which is why we got along so well, but I just want to make sure that you haven't become legitimately crazy. ;)

You three remain in my prayers.


dr_worm_md said...

You know what you've done here Tiffany...you've ratcheted up the quality control.

I am now going to obsessivley edit my posts now that I know you are reading them. I may even re-edit my old ones.

Wait. Uhhhhh yeah. Yup, now I'm sure of if. The pressure is on. I won't be able to sleep knowing you're out there.


Tiffany said...

Hey, now -- Daisha is the self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi. My red pen is no where in reach. I was merely trying to reassure myself that she was not, in fact, happily fanticizing about pushing out a watermelon...

Well, you get the point.

Anne said...

hey, I think I still have that picture on my phone. the one I took in the RRB cafeteria, where you lamented that you're "all boobs." Want a copy?

Kelli said...

ahhh memories. :) believe me, having the kid around (on the outside) is so much better than having him/her on the inside. but the pregnancy is fun in itself. :) i definitely can't wait to see my nephew and i too want to buy every baseball thing i see! :) you are always in my prayers and i can't wait for the big day!

Cheryl said...

I can completely relate to many of these feelings about pregnancy and I must agree that 9 months of gestation feels like forever!