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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Our Beginning...


Daisha's Story:
It was a typical Easter Sunday for me. Hannah and I went to church, and then we'd been invited to the Bigham's for lunch. Kelli's brother was with her. (the always mentioned but never seen JR)

We were introduced when we got to the Bigham's house, but ended up being in different parts of the living room.

I was in one of my spazzy moods. I mean, I was bouncing off the walls. And there was an Easter Egg hunt (for the kids that were at the house). But David Blake and I were two of the only adults to join in the hunt.

Now a conspiracy was in full swing to direct me to the egg that contained a BlockBuster gift card. But my purpose in telling this story is NOT to clear my now-tarnished reptuation. :)

At some point I offered JR a piece of carrot cake. I guess I must've been in rare spazzy form because the horrified look on his face when I talked to him is etched in my mind. And I remember thinking, "great, you've scared another one off."

But the next day Kelli sent me an e-mail to ask if JR could have my e-mail address. I said 'sure', but I was thinking that he must be a glutton for punishment.

Well the next day in my junk mail I get a note from a "Keith Sheets". It's a good thing that I knew Kelli's maiden name, or I wouldn't be typing for this web-site right now.

JR's Story:
I told my sister Kelli that I wanted to meet some chics. She said that I should come to the Bigham's after church.

Then I saw this crazy, spazzy girl running around with her hair flailing everywhere. She was conspiring with her best friend, Hannah, on how to get the BlockBuster gift card egg. So they hid it where the kids wouldn't find it. (cheaters)

Then we were eating and I noticed the same spazzy girl sitting on the couch and I thought she was very pretty and nutty. I just knew I had to meet her.

Later in the kitchen she offered me a piece of carrot cake, and eventhough I love carrot cake, I said no thank you, cuz I'm a shy and sweet guy.

The next day I asked my sister for her e-mail. But first Kelli said she had to get her permission to give out her address. The good thing for her is that she recognized a good thing when she saw it. ;)

As the old guy says in "The Last Crusade"... she "chose wisely."

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