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Thursday, June 1, 2006

The story and some pictures!

It's been a crazy 6 days for sure. But alas, it is 10:07pm, Gideon is sleeping (I can hear him breathing on the monitor), the Orioles are on TV, and I have spare time to write a post. God is good. :)
(This is Jr by the way)

So Daisha and I went to her appointment last Friday at 8:30am. The doctor suggested we be admitted for delivery that day since her blood-pressure was high and sure enough, Daisha asked him if we could see X-Men 3 that morning before going to the hospital. Dr. Hodges looked at her for a second, looked at me, and then said "I can honestly say that is the first time I've been asked that". "I'm not sure I can explain that one away, saying your condition is serious enough to have to go directly to the hospital but letting you go see a movie first." It was all a nice laugh. I was shaking my head. My wife continues to entertain me.

So we went to the hospital and she was checked out. She was only 80% effaced and not dilated at all so after some consultation with the docs, Daisha was given a drug that could help the dilation process along. The odds that it would work were 60%. Well, the night came and went and in the morning, Daisha was still 80% effaced and not dilated. We agreed to let the drugs continue until lunch time and yet again, there was no change. So much for 60% odds!

So after some in depth discussion of all possibilities with Dr. Meinig (he was excellent by the way) it was decided to go ahead with the c-section on Saturday. The only advantage in waiting until Thursday was to allow Gideon to gain a possible 5 ounces or so. Since it was only 36 weeks, Gideon was still premature and there was a good chance he could be in the 5-pound range. The NICU was a possibility for Gideon. But the doctors also said that they didn't think he would be that small but wanted to let us know that it was still possible, and actually plausible that he could be low-weight enough to force a NICU stay. Daisha and I had prayed on Thursday night that the Lord would guide the thoughts, minds, and hands of the doctors, as well as any decisions we would have to make. Since that prayer, Dr. Hodges sent us to the hospital and thought it would be best to have the baby that weekend. Therefore, Daisha and I talked after the discussion with Dr. Meinig and decided to forego the wait-until-Thursday thing, and go ahead with a C-section procedure immediately. There was no doubt as to the certainty of this decision. It is amazing the peace we felt with this decision and another testament to the faithfulness of the Lord when our faith is strong. Something about moving mountains comes to mind.

I just overlooked what I’ve written and realized I have become rather long winded. I’ll let Daisha tell you the whole spinal experience and how the c-section felt (she was awake the whole time and the story has some stuff to do with the feeling of being electrocuted). I was there and took pictures (none too gross) as well as a video of Gideon’s first minute in the outside world (luckily my camera has video capability). Man was that an experience. It was indescribable; so much happiness and joy with a touch of the harsh reality that my wife was on an operating table. My mixed emotions almost got the better of me. But I knew she was in good hands and after they weighed Gideon (7 pounds, 5 ounces) and made sure he was dry and relatively cleaned off, I followed the nurse that was taking Gideon to the recovery room where he would be measured and evaluated. The doctors were well on their way to closing the c-section but Daisha wouldn’t be joining us in recovery for another 30 minutes or so.

As I was in the recovery room I just looked and Gideon, talked with the nurses, and took dozens and dozens of pictures (one being on the previous post). My heart was filled with joy. Listening to Gideon burst out in a quick cry when the nurse gave him his Vitamin-K shot was a little tough to hear, but I knew it was all for the best.

This is my family. I have longed for this day. In 8 months I married the woman I fell in love with and was now staring into the eyes of my first son. (Remember, he was a 36-week baby, so for all of you out there counting fingers, take it easy) hehe

Our stay at the hospital had its ups and downs. The sleeping arrangements for the dad in the private room, shall I say, stunk. It was a chair and when pulled, folded out into a so-called bed. I would describe more like taking the 3 cushions off your couch and throwing them on the floor, a foot above the floor, and less comfortable. Sleeping time was few and far between anyway, but the dad-bed certainly didn’t make anything more bearable. There were about two times where my mind wasn’t really operating correctly, and all I wanted to do was go home with my wife and son. I know Daisha felt the same way, as she had an IV stuck in her for 3 days straight and had nurses poking and prodding her for the same amount of time. But the joy of having Gideon in our arms and watching him pass all the health tests with flying colors was more than I could have ever imagined or wanted.

We finally were able to go home on Monday night and it was certainly a joy. There are so many more details and things that went on during this experience, but I will now leave those details for the joy of pictures.

Thanks again to everyone for your concerns, thoughts, prayers, and gifts. Daisha and I cannot express enough our gratitude to all of you. We praise God for you, for our marriage, for Gideon, and for all that is and is to come.

Now, some pictures. Hope you enjoy! Sheets, out. (Eat your heart out, Seacrest)

Oh and, more posts and pictures to come. He is making us more proud (eating, peeing and pooping with the best of 'em!) and becoming more adorable by the day.


Tiffany said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures -- they are beautiful! I am so happy for your new little family!

You all remain in our prayers -- prayers of thanksgiving for Gideon's healthy arrival and prayers of strength, widsom, and patience as you begin your roles as parents and mentors to this wonderful little boy.

dr_worm_md said...


The baby looks beauttiful!

And the proud parents...awwwwwwwww.

I'm so happy for the two of you.

I'm sure he'll become a giant jock and you always wonder why he didn't go into theatre.

I know that's how my kids will turn out.

Katherine said...

What adorable pictures. I still can't get over how large his hands are -- he'll be palming a basketball in no time! :)

Glad to hear that he is eating well. Thanks for taking the time to post more pictures. You guys are such a cute little family!


micheal said...

A-dorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Micheal and Sandy

Timothy Putnam said...


And God Bless!

Jan Jones said...

I just talked to your mom yesterday (saw her in Penney's and she heard me say from afar, "Gigi"?Gideon is BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad he was a good 7 pounds and that everything is okay now. Your mom told me about your ankles--Yikes! God bless your family, and I hope you recover well from everything.